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In 2017, ACET’s social media footprint grew in ways that can be measured. Twitter followers were up, Facebook likes more than doubled and there was renewed interest in our LinkedIn page. 

by | Dec 22, 2017

Our communications strategy prioritized social media as an area needing more attention to reach a broader target audience with our research content and policy advice. The focus has been to expand our audience and generate more engagements on Facebook and Twitter. While there was substantial growth in the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers, we also revived our LinkedIn page to reach a professionally-oriented audience.

Throughout the year, we used our social media accounts to share research content regularly and to publicize events and transmit live updates. Twitter has been used most efficiently for this, while Facebook Live was used to screen the entire launch of the African Transformation Report in October. Below are some measurements of the growth in our social media work.


By mid-December our Facebook page had a total of 15,245 likes. This represents a 157% growth over the period from January to December 2017. On average, we gained 776 likes a month over the 12-month period.

Media graph 1

Like Facebook, our Twitter account also saw an expansion in audience, from 5,221 at the beginning of the year to 7,750 in December. This represents a 48% increase and a monthly average gain of 210 followers. Our Twitter account has been very active.

Media graph 2

Besides the growth in followers, impressions (the number of people who saw our content on Twitter) also increased substantially, as did engagements (the number of times people liked, retweeted or replied to our tweets).

Media Graph 3

On LinkedIn, our followers increased from 153 in January to 376 in December. This means we gained 18 followers per month (Figure above)

Media graph 4

All our platforms saw growth in followers, impressions and engagements. However, Facebook post reach and engagements require more work in the coming year.


As a result of the increased activity, quality and originality of content, our Twitter account was named among the top 100 accounts in aid and development. 2018 promises to be a more exciting year!



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