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Media interest in stories about ACET’s activities and opinions continued to be strong internationally and locally during the first quarter of 2018. ACET was also mentioned in postings by major partners. 

by | Mar 29, 2018

ACET was mentioned in 62 news sources monitored during the first quarter of 2018.  Stories were on agricultural transformation, entrepreneurial skills and youth employment, extractives, financial inclusion and economic transformation.

Among major media houses internationally that quoted ACET were Aljazeera English, The Africa Report, Standard Digital News, Financial Tribune Daily, AllAfrica, The New Times, Pan African Vision, Extractives Hub, New Telegraph Newspaper, La Tribune de L’ Èconomie, Revista de Prensa and Ghana web. Others were Business and Financial Times, the Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian Times, GHOne, Citifmonline, Myjoyonline and Sikka TV

ACET was also mentioned on the websites of partner institutions such as the Wilson Center and the INCLUDE Platform, as well as in a blog by the Hewlett Foundation.

Stories monitored were in English, French and Spanish. Key stories picked up includedOne District One Factory: Some lessons from the field’. This story highlighted a promising private agricultural enterprise that could be a model for the Government of Ghana’s ‘One District One Factory’ election promise.  Stories on Agripreneurship in Africa: The YIELD approach’ discussed the need to improve the capacity and productivity of young agricultural producers and entrepreneurs to re-capture the growing African food market and accelerate economic growth. The ACET-INCLUDE Platform policy dialogue on youth employment and inclusive growth received wide media coverage. Stories under the headline Economic growth not translating into jobs – Economist’ underscored the importance of paying attention to the agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors to create more jobs, against a backdrop of rapid economic growth that has not been able to generate jobs. Additionally, a story headlined Inclusion of women in the economy increases GDP by 2 to 3 percent – ACET pointed out the importance of financially including women and youth as a driver of economic transformation. The creation of a Continental Free Trade Area in Africa also received wide media coverage. Under the headline, ‘African leaders sign continental free trade agreement’, this story focused on the signing of a continental agreement to set up a massive free-trade area to improve regional integration and boost economic growth across the Africa. Finally, a story on ‘Africa’s Year of Opportunity’ gave eight reasons for optimism about Africa’s prospects in 2018. Finally, there was additional media pick-up of a press release captioned ‘Ghana to host conference on domestic resource mobilization’, about a conference in early April for Compact with Africa countries to share knowledge and peer-to-peer learning on ways to overcome aid dependence, ease financing constraints and enhance growth prospects. 

Primary drivers of media coverage were the policy dialogue on youth employment and inclusive growth and the YIELD training workshop for young agricultural entrepreneurs.

See the media interest in ACET stories here.

During the quarter ACET published 8 blogs.


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