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Youth employment, entrepreneurship and inclusive growth were the dominant themes of workshops organised by ACET during the first quarter of 2018. Other themes were governance of extractives and local content and value addition.

by | Mar 29, 2018

The year opened with intense preparations for insightful and transformational workshops and dialogues. The first ACET event of 2018 was the ‘YIELD Training Workshop’ held on 14-15 February in partnership with the US’s Michigan State University and Tanzania’s Sokoine University of Agriculture. This brought together young innovators in agribusiness, young agribusiness networks, researchers, government agencies and impact investors.

The Young Innovators in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Development (YIELD) project is designed to help young entrepreneurs access and maximize opportunities along the agribusiness value chains in two pilot countries in sub Saharan Africa – Ghana and Tanzania.

The successful training workshop highlighted youth agribusiness success stories. It also identified gaps and built the capacity of youth-led agri-entrepreneurs to scale up their operations for improved employability and entrepreneurship.

In collaboration with the INCLUDE Platform, ACET organized a policy dialogue on youth unemployment in Accra, Ghana on 28 February. The event, aimed at finding permanent and sustainable solutions to the growing youth unemployment challenge, was attended by major stakeholders in the youth employment space. These included policy makers, private sector, civil society, academia, development partners, youth networks and the media. The event made major news headlines in both local and international media.

Similarly, the financial inclusion of entrepreneurial women and youth was the theme of a 12-13 March inception workshop organized by ACET in Accra, Ghana, in partnership with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The focus of the meeting was development of a robust methodology for commencement of a multi-country study, titled ‘Promoting women and youth financial inclusion for entrepreneurship and job creation: Comparative study of selected sub-Saharan African countries’.

The inception meeting provided a platform for relevant stakeholders to review the inception report and project focus and harmonise research modalities for the study. It brought together project advisors, researchers, gender specialists and country research partners, as well as key stakeholders in the development finance landscape in Ghana.

Revenue from the extractive industries represents an important share of total government revenue in West Africa. In this light, the West Africa Governance and Economic Sustainability in Extractive Areas project and ACET, with funding from the IDRC, on 1 March launched the ‘Beyond Zero Harm’, a four-year multi-country study project.

In preparation for the forthcoming African Transformation Forum, ACET held a pre-discussions series for key stakeholders from the mineral, oil and gas sectors in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa on 27 March, via video conferencing.

The meeting focused on updates in the country activities in the extractives sector, specifically in the area of local content and value addition. Countries highlighted the challenges faced and key actions taken to address their challenges.


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