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During 2017, ACET Communications introduced some media products, including blogs, and interactive tools. We hope that this new online magazine will help strengthen our engagement with our partners.

by | Dec 22, 2017

ACET Communications closes the year with the launch of our African Transformation Today online magazine. In this maiden edition, we highlight some major activities initiated by ACET during 2017. Future editions will be published quarterly. Activities featured here include the first self-convened meeting of African finance ministers of the Compact with Africa, and the successful launch of ACET’s flagship African Transformation Report (ATR2), titled Agriculture Powering Africa’s Economic Transformation.

ATR2 was one of several major research undertakings of 2017. It was previewed to African finance ministers and governors of central banks at the African Caucus meeting in Gaborone, Botswana in August and launched on the sidelines of the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C. in October. It also informed the Leadership for Agriculture Forum, jointly organised by the African Development Bank, the Initiative for Global Development and Grow Africa on the margins of the November EU-Africa summit in Abidjan.

Other major research undertakings were an eight-country study on local content and value addition (LCVA) in the Extractives sector and a six-country study on resource mobilisation and management (RMM). ACET also produced a study on manufacturing in Ghana as part of joint multi-country research with the UK’s Overseas Development Institute.

In keeping with ACET’s objectives, none of this research was confined to the shelves. Rather, it created the spark for policy engagement and formation of several thematic chapters of the Pan-African Coalition for Transformation (PACT), cementing ACET’s reputation as a thought leader.

While the LCVA study formed the basis for an Extractives pre-Chapter stakeholders meeting in April in Johannesburg, South Africa, the RMM study drew together a gathering of experts in Accra, Ghana, and also shaped our support to the World Bank’s Development Finance Forum meeting, convened in Accra in May.

Outside the new framework of PACT, activities in which ACET engaged included research support to the National Development Planning Committee and joint research with the Chinese Embassy on China-Africa relations.

Other highlights of the year captured on the ACET website include the launch of Ghana’s National Development Planning Committee, in partnership with the African Minerals Development Centre and Germany’s Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), and the first substantive convening of the PACT Manufacturing Chapter.

Much of our public engagement during 2017 took place on social media, and in November ACET’s enhanced digital footprint was recognised in a listing of 100 most influential Twitter accounts in aid and development. Our expanded social media engagement took place alongside the redesign of our website and the introduction of new communication products including generic stromectol and our blog page.

On behalf of ACET, we’d like to thank our partners for working with us in 2017. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration in 2018.

African Transformation Today is edited by Dede Amanor-Wilks with support from Jason Thompson, Hardi Yakubu, John Osei, Percis Ofori and Glen Darby.


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