December 2017

ISSUE 1 : ACET working in partnership to transform Africa today!

Jobs, technology and private sector investment – ingredients for economic transformation in Africa

As the global focus on jobs, technology and private sector investment sharpens, it is important to understand the drivers and perception of work-related supply and demand in Africa.  Back in October...

The evolving landscape for external development financing: what African policy makers must know

This article is based on the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) synthesis report, “Mobilizing and Managing External Development Finance for Inclusive Growth: Six Countries’...

Calling African policymakers: our economic future must be powered by our farms

Land rights and public investment are crucial to realizing agriculture’s potential as a catalyst for economic transformation.  At first glance it might seem surprising that the African Center for...

A new ‘club’ comes together

The best way for the Compact with Africa to succeed is to keep African policymakers in the driver’s seat—and in close contact with each other.  When German Chancellor Angela Merkel first announced...

Contents of December Issue

Editor’s note

During 2017, ACET Communications introduced some media products, including blogs and interactive tools. We hope that this new online magazine will help strengthen our engagement with our...

Editor's note

Events round up

Over the past year, ACET has pushed its transformation agenda through a series of multi-stakeholder events linked to major research projects. This has helped to cement its reputation as a thought...

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2017 media monitoring report

Key events such as the launch of ACET’s flagship publication, together with our engagement with major policy initiatives and our production of cutting edge research created considerable media...

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Our social media footprint

In 2017, ACET’s social media footprint grew in ways that can be measured. Twitter followers were up, Facebook likes more than doubled and there was renewed interest in our LinkedIn page.  Our...

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